A Love Letter To TNA.

**The views expressed in this post are those solely of “DieHard” Derek and are not shared by the owner, staff or integrity of Sports Fan Promotions.

If you read my posts and rants, you might think that I despise the TNA product. Now to set matters straight, I can’t stomach the product because it is some of the worst pro wrestling writing that I’ve ever seen… but it doesn’t mean that I hate it.

I have a small history with TNA Wrestling, and if there is a word to sum up my feeling toward what they have become, it would be “disappointed”. In some instances, I could use two words like “Epic Failure”, but I think that would be too harsh and I would much rather prefer to save that term for the day that they cease operations. And let’s be perfectly clear – I hope that day NEVER comes.

I recently wrote a love letter to TNA Wrestling on my wrestling blog. No, not that kind of love letter. One that actually opens up how most wrestling fans feel about the current excessively flawed product and what we want out of it. The fans want this promotion to succeed. I want this promotion to succeed. But the only way for to happen and the only way to make change is for TNA to hear the voice of the fans.

It’s your money. It’s your passion. It’s your time. All being wasted on a product that has stalled for years. DEMAND better from TNA. Tell them you believe in them and are disappointed in their effort. Tell them what you want, who you like, who the REAL stars are. You have to speak and sometimes scream. And when the voices are loud enough, they’ll listen. They want your money! They want you to be fans! They need you to be successful. So in order to earn your hard cash and loyalty, they need to give YOU what YOU want. The social media networks give you direct access to them. It’s time for wrestling fans to demand better from TNA Wrestling!

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