Adding Insult to Injury

Still wallowing in the wake of my beloved Devils’ Stanley Cup Finals loss, the boss said I would find one of the items to list today very “interesting”.  I was less than amused to find this little Stanley Cup replica at the bottom of the box.  Seeing the “S.C. Champs!” at the bottom only reminded me of how close they had come to winning the Cup this year, only to see it all fall apart Monday night.

I held the tiny piece of plastic up and imagined it thirty times larger.  Its no easy feat winning a Stanley Cup, and to lose it must be devastating.  But for Marty & Co., they were closer than any other team.  I’m trying to take some satisfaction out of that as I sit with this miniature Stanley Cup in front of me.  It’s easier knowing that here in the office I’m closer to the “cup” than any Flyers or Rangers fans could hope to be.

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