Beat the Heat, Catch Some Fish!

Fishing Trip has been postponed till Aug 25

Just a few weeks ago “Beat the Heat” became the catchphrase of fan bases in Indiana, Boston, and Oklahoma City.  As the summer has progressed, it has become the standby motto for the majority of the country as record high temperatures continue to soar all across America.

Chances are, you are one of the millions of people trying to stay cool as the dog days approach.  And chances are, you are not going to find a better or more fun way to do so than what we have happening down at Point Pleasant this weekend.  Come out and fish with former New York Giant Bart Oates aboard the Queen Mary; his 3 Super Bowl wins are sure to make for better narrative than fish stories.  You’ll be able to schmooze with a Giant legend, reel in the finest fish the Jersey Shore has to offer, and feel the ocean breeze amidst these 100 degree days.

For more information on the event, Click Here.  That cool wind in your face isn’t going to come meet you on the mainland, so go out and grab it with Bart Oates this Saturday!

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