“Big Sexy” Kevin Nash Calls It A Career?

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It’s no secret that the McMahon’s didn’t have much faith or confidence in the abilities and drawing power of CM Punk. Yet, given how much Punk’s unscripted promo set the wrestling industry on fire, the WWE knew that there was profitability in having this rebel soldier on the roster. But would e become an icon like Stone Cold Steve Austin, or a loose cannon liability like Brian Pillman?

Enter Kevin Nash – a strong business-minded veteran and a legendary game changing founding father of the n.W.o. Who better to serve as a guiding light for Punk’s future? And just to secure the bet, why not recycle the concept of the n.W.o. faction led by Punk while being mentored by Nash?

I’m not saying Kevin Nash has nothing left to contribute to the business and that a program between him and punk wouldn’t have been worth the while if not just for the promos alone. But do you think Punk would be where he is at this very moment had they stalled the momentum with Kevin Nash?

After Nash’s ladder match with Triple H at whatever the fuck PPV they performed on, Nash went on Twitter and told his fans that he’s glad he was able to end his career int he ring with once of his best friends. So did that mean he was calling it a career?

All the hype surrounding the return of Kevin Nash ended pretty abruptly. So many storylines hinged on Nash’s character’s motives, yet none of the burning questions were ever answered. And with all roads leading to CM Punk – the final destination was a thrown together match with Triple H – whose been MIA as well. Do we chalk this up to piss poor booking? Or can we finally shift the blame to the infamous McMahon micro-managing where scripts are written 337 times a day before the live show airs?

Either way, Nash deserved a better send off. The business wouldn’t be where it is today had it not been for his defection to WCW in 1995. Today, he was used for a brief moment, but fizzled quickly because of the lack of fanfare. We can only hope that his contributions to the business will be celebrated with a nod to the WWE Hall of Fame. His time is due and his moment should be a more fitting farewell for a guy who wasn’t supposed to amount to much in the business but proved his critics wrong. Come to think of it, in retrospect – CM Punk is much like Kevin Nash, and perhaps his short verbal program was the inspiration Punk needed to be where he is now. However you look at it, it’s been a hell of a career for Kevin Nash.

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