Bill Apter Interviews Jeff Jarrett in NWA Cyberspace

Here is one of those videos that proves that most big name stars really don’t give two shits or a cup or warm piss how they perform on the indy scene. Now don’t get me wrong – I got much love and respect for Jeff Jarrett, but you can tell here that Double J was just collecting a check and getting a workout.

I’m always asked about the quality of matches you get on the indy scene from the top former WWE stars. The truth is, you rarely get anything that is worth talking about. You’re lucky that they got on the plane and made it to the building. Had they not *cough*Sid Vicious*cough*, then you have to go into the ring and make up some shitty excuse to the fans about why the headliner no-showed and then offer refunds. Unless you’re Frank Goodman who just false advertises and then says… “Not my fault”.

Jeff Jarrett is a great talent and I never really had trouble working with him, until the very end of his run in my promotion. But I always held a deep respect for Jeff and was honored to call him my champion throughout 2005. The matches were just BLAH. After watching the first one, I knew I was going to have to choreograph all the others down the line so they told a story in the ring. The promos were general, as if saying, “Look.. This video is proof that I was here. That should be good enough. I’ll be wrestling whatever indy guy you put in the ring with me next month right here in… umm… what’s the name of this town again?”

But like I said, it’s proof he was there…. I guess that works for me… No, not really. But it is what it is. Pro wrestling… What else do you expect from it?

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