BOOM! That’s the sound of WWE Creative Dropping The Ball

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This whole Kane re-invention isn’t working…yet. I like the fact that the WWE decided to better utilize Kane as the indestructible monster he should be. But is it too late? The Kane character has been around for a long time and his history is not easily forgettable. Just because he returns with a mask and has some anger issues, doesn’t necessarily mean that his history is erased.

I will say this, the Kane character works sooooooo much better as a literal monster heel and with the mask. The gimmick needs to be mysterious. There should be little known facts about who he is, where he’s from, and what sets off his rage. Remember “Parts Unknown”? THAT ‘S where he should come from!

The other problem is, what does this do for John Cena? It’s a senseless feud no matter how you look at it. This is where the flaw with booking The Rock vs. Cena a year in advance comes into play. Creative doesn’t have enough to work with…or shall I say, they don’t have enough creativity to fill the gaps for that long of a time period. These senseless filler feuds do nothing to advance Cena’s program with The Rock. Rather than make this about “embracing the rage” – it should have been more about crippling Cena to the point where fans will question whether or not he’ll make it to Wrestlemania. There is more drama in the jeopardy of the main event than there is from some idiot coming up from underneath the ring.
That’s a nice mid-card gimmick, but doesn’t do much to help here.

As of right now, the Rock vs. Cena feud has lost steam. The Rock has not had a presence on WWE TV since the Survivor Series, where he laid out Cena and then disappeared to make more movies. Cena forgot about Dwayne to goof off with Zack Ryder and play fright night with Kane. But of course in the WWE Universe, this will ALL come to an end once Cena betas Kane at the Royal Rumble and then resets his sights on The Rock. Two words for ya: HORRIBLE BOOKING!

Basically, the WWE dropped the ball with The Rock vs. John Cena, and it is nothing but a glorified video game match.

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