Fallen Angel Throwback – Triple X Interview with Bill Apter

In the early days of TNA Wrestling, Christopher Daniels and tag team partner Prime Time Elix Skipper brought their talents to northeast indy promotion NWA Cyberspace. Daniels and Skipper, collectively known as Triple X were forced to split as a team on TNA programming – but through a “loop hole”, they were able to reunite on the indy scene. That was until Daniels decided to turn on his partner and choose the path to success as a singles wrestler.

In this video shot exclusively for NWA Cyberspace and DieHard Pro Wrestling, legendary magazine editor Bill Apter interviews the former teammates regarding the turn of events.

Daniels was the X-Division champion at the time and Elix Skipper was still trying to find a path of his own until he became NWA Cyberspace’s Cruiser-X champion. This interview was gearing up for the ultimate high flying showdown – but unfortunately, it never got to see the light of day. With Daniels as one of the hottest performers on scene, there were numerous conflicts in schedule and the match never took place.

Ironically, the former partners ended up having a series of matches on TNA programming – but Skipper parted ways with the company soon after.

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