First Signing with the Bella Twins

So the boss tells me that we are going into New York City today for an autograph signing session with two very famous people.  I made sure to look my sharpest and act professional at all times in preparation for our trip.  Not knowing whom we would be meeting, I wanted to present myself seriously and business-like, ready for whatever the signing might bring.  Little did I know that my provisions would soon become pointless.

Upon arrival, the Bella twins had me speechless.  My professional demeanor turned to that of a wide-eyed teen in awe of the beautiful sisters.  I’ve never been a huge wrestling fan but the Bella twins certainly had my attention.  Equally stunning was the diligence and patience they had while signing hundreds of pictures, figures and magazines for nearly an hour.  They are a knockout tag team in the ring as well as with their memorabilia for their fans.

Brian told me that this was going to be one of the better days I would have working for him.  With Brie and Nikki standing next to me, I was certainly in no place to dispute him.

Signed autograph pictures, figures, magazines and more of the Bella twins and other professional athletes can be found at Our Store.  I will be updating my blog once a week from now on, see you all next week!

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