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Who We Are

Sports Fan Promotions is a sports marketing firm that specializes in celebrities, athletes, and memorabilia.  We provide advertising and promotion for your group’s event, as well as conducting a silent auction service and providing a celebrity/famous athlete for said event.  Let Sports Fan Promotions work with your charity event, organization or business to get closer to your goals!

Silent Auctions

Sports Fan Promotions is a leading company in running silent auctions.  With an extensive inventory of high valued sports and pop culture memorabilia, our silent auctions are typically set up an hour and a half before your event begins.  Our staff then stays throughout the auction in order to answer questions and help manage bid sheets.  Your organization receives a percentage of the total profit made at zero cost to you.  At the end of the event, we have a check ready for your organization.  It’s that easy!

Get a Celebrity/Pro Athlete to Your Event!

Looking to increase customer interest in your business?  A celebrity or athlete appearance at your organization’s event is a great way to do so, and teaming up with Sports Fan Promotions makes it that much easier.  We work directly with many professional athletes and entertainers, and their appearance at past events has always drawn a large crowd. 

Golf Outings

Let us add some star factor to your golf outing!  Celebrity Foursomes, Beat the Pro, and silent auctions are all available services we provide that give your golf outing the flair it needs to be a success.  Please inquire within if you would like to have Sports Fan Promotions help you operate your next golf outing.

The Fan Experience

During the football season, Sports Fan Promotions offers the ultimate fan experience for your organization.  Sunday and Monday Night Football Packages include:

-       Former player and celebrity appearances

-       Meet-and-greet with former players and celebrities

-       Authentic Personalized Autograph

-       Photo op

These events take place at various bars and country clubs all over New Jersey.  They offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience and help build a sense of community and spirit.



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