Hardcore Animated Wrestling Trivia

So for those who don’t know, I produced and hosted the FIRST EVER pro wrestling internet radio talk show, And Justice For Brawl, for Pseudo.com from 1997-2000. Yes, it was the FIRST EVER. Not to mention that it soon became the FIRST EVER pro wrestling internet television talk show!!! And that is pretty much how I scored numerous jobs, including one with WCW. That’s another story!

So while at Pseudo, I was burning up the ratings. And the powers that be thought it would be a good idea for the shows on the network to cross promote and give each other a little rub and possibly convert audiences. Somehow or another, I got paired up with an animated trivia show. The producer, Phillip Galinsky was a good friend of mine, but I had no idea how we could do some cross promotions.

So we had a couple of production meetings and tossed around some ideas. We came up with some skits where I attacked Philly while he was doing voice over work for the show, but it didn’t seem authentic enough. My audience didn’t want to see me attack a guy they didn’t even know.

ECW was at its peak, and I told them that what we needed to do was turn the tables. His trivia show, Thunk, was a family oriented program with interactive animated characters. So I told him, what if one day, they “turned heel”. South Park was also big at the time and I suggested that his family oriented characters turn into some foul mouthed assholes. It would shock their audience and my audience would tune in to see something they could relate to, and I threw in a couple of prizes to make the deal sweeter.

So one day, I come into the studio and THIS is what I see…

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