Has CM Punk Lost His Summer Swagger?

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So I’m watching RAW and thinking to myself that CM Punk has lost his summer 2011 swagger and his promos sound like he got the contract and boost he wanted – so from here on out, he’ll just chug gallons of the corporate kool-aid and sell himself out. The chip on his shoulder crumbled like the Pringles at the bottom of the tube. He may be (or think he’s) the best wrestler in the world, but the rating prove he’s not the best entertainer. Somewhere after the scrapped feud with Kevin Nash, Punkn lost the venom in his tongue.

Maybe he needed the feud with Nash after all. Sure Nash can’t go toe to toe with Punk at his age and physical condition, but the shoot style promos would have been epic. But just as I was losing myself in thought (mainly because the six man tag main event had already lost my interest), Punk grabs the mic and gets up in John Laurinaitis’ grill to spew the venom I thought he was fresh out of. Not only did I humbly swallow my words, but in that moment CM Punk instantly became this generation’s version of Stone Cold Steve Austin.

I can’t believe 1995 was almost 20 years ago. I’m in absolute awe at how fast time has flown by me. It feels like just yesterday that Austin was performing as The Ringmaster, and said “Screw this…I gotta do something different”. I was just yesterday when Austin broke all the rules and went against the grain while marching to the beat of his own drum. I vividly remember watching Brian Pillman at home pulling a gun on Austin. I remember rooting for the bad guy as Austin challenged the corporate standard. And now, here we are again, with a new era and a new face of anti-establishment in CM Punk.

I have no quarrel with recycling successful storylines of the past – especially if done right. As a booker, I’m guilty of doing it myself on more than one occasion. Us creative people call it inspiration or homeage. We never forget the history that we fell in love with and our variation is a nod of affection.
So did Punk lose his swagger? Well, I’m still on the fence with that one…but after his closing promo on Monday, I’m starting to believe that he found his legacy.

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