How Important is “The Robe”?

Fans on Facebook are giving me shit about saying that I think pro wrestlers need to go back to wearing robes to the ring instead of the tshirts they sell at the merchandise stands. I stick by my opinion and have a very valid case that you can read at my wrestling blog.

Now I get how everybody feels in regards to merchandising and product placement, but my argument comes from a traditional standpoint in what makes a wrestler a wrestler. Outside of ring work and mic skills, ring attire is key. Now I’m not even getting in to a rant about how all the tights and outfits look like they are coming off the cookie cutter line and none of the attire does anything to contribute to the “gimmick” itself. I’m keeping this basic on robes and jackets that are worn to the ring.

Personally, I don’t think that wrestlers should be wearing the same $20 shirts that can be bought in the stands. If that’s what they wear, then how does their look and image differ from the average joe? There is a lot more to my point that you can read, but I;d like to hear back from the fans to see where they stand on this issue.

Again, I get the whole “it’s a merchandising thing”. I’m a businessman too and all about the benjanmins. But we’re dealing with sports entertainment here. This is a spectacle and the performers are characters who in theory should be looked upon as larger than life. You should never look at a celebrity and say, “Oh, I have the same clothes my draw.”

The robe is symbol of elegance and stature. It’s a lost art in the business. So after reading my thoughts and opinions, please share yours with me. There is no right or wrong answer here. But I’d like to see what traditional old timers think and what this new generation thinks.

I’m sure I’ll be getting a ton of repsonses that say, “I wanna wear the same shirt my hero wears”. I get it. But what I say in return is, if your hero wears a robe, you’d still by the t-shirt with his gimmick on it. Ever see The Undertaker wear his gimmick t-shirt?… But I bet you still own his merchandise, don’t you?

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