NFL Prospect Jawan Jamison Talks Meeting Fans, NFL Draft

Rutgers running back Jawan Jamison does not have a preference of what team he will be selected by in the upcoming NFL Draft—he’s just ready to get his professional career underway.

“I won’t know until later this month who is looking to take me and in what round,” said Jamison. “It really doesn’t matter to me. I love playing football. Now, it’s the next step—the one I’ve been waiting on. I’m just waiting to see how it goes.”

It’s his love-of-the-game attitude, along with outstanding vision, great burst and a high football IQ that has the running back from Stark, Florida as a hot commodity in this year’s draft.

After a breakout season for the Scarlet Knights in 2012, Jamison has earned a draft grade that could have a team taking him as high as the second day.

The eager Jamison recently received an offer from another running back that made his name at Rutgers—Super Bowl champion Ray Rice—who will give the shifty Scarlet Knight an opportunity to train with him.

“He’s going to give me those tools that I need to help me out to (improve) my game, help me out with my body,” remarked Jamison. “I’m just going to be like a sponge—just soaking up everything I can from him. He’s one of the best to do it, especially coming off of a Super Bowl. He’s just telling me what he’s been doing. He’s already back at it, already training, already getting his body back healthy.”

Jamison and Khaseem Greene will meet football fans on Thursday night.

Some believe there are many similarities between the two backs. Jamison agrees.

“We both catch the ball out of the backfield, we both make people miss,” said the redshirt sophomore. “We both run hard. We do mostly everything similar in our games.”

If he continues to follow in Rice’s footsteps, he will have more than a few suitors in the NFL Draft. Two of the teams that may be interested in selecting Jamison could be the two locals: New York Giants and New York Jets, who both lost their starting running backs after the 2012 season.

Soon, Jamison will know where the next stop in his career will take him. On Thursday, he will meet with Rutgers fans one last time to say farewell to the fans who have supported and embraced him during his time at the New Jersey school.

“It’s been fun,” said the running back. “The fans are really loyal. They hung in there with us, through my first year when it was really rough and just stuck it out with us. They were always there with us and they came through in the end. I want to extend a ‘thank you’ to them. I love my fans, I look up to my fans and I play hard for my fans. I hope they continue to follow me and I look forward to meeting them and having fun with them tomorrow night!”

Jamison and his teammate Khaseem Greene will be on hand at RedZone, located at 960 Route 9 South, Sayreville, New Jersey on Thursday night. Click here for more information or LIKE us on Facebook.

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