Jericho’s Silent Return To The WWE

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So you want to know my opinion of the return of Y2J Chris Jericho?… You really want to know? I’m sure it’s very similar to most of you reading this….Confused. Disappointed. Disgusted. Well, that’s just a few. To be honest, I can’t even put it into words…and apparently, neither can Jericho.

Really, what’s up with the silent treatment? Tongue didn’t come through customs while on tour overseas with Fozzy? Then again, I really can’t blame Jericho, unless he was the genius who conjured up the idea and pitched it to creative.

See, here’s the problem – and I hope I’m wrong about this. I’m pretty sure there was something bigger planned, but like EVERY script written by the comedic sitcom writers who don’t understand the wrestling business – it went through multiple drafts and changes. For weeks, we watched these cryptic Paranormal Activity style videos that haunted us about the 1/2/12 date and the return of an individual who has been drawn to his darker demons. Sure, it made sense to make the promos creepy – that way if negotiations with Jericho broke down the videos could have easily switched gears for The Undertaker’s return. I get it.

Word around the camp fire is that Jericho will remain silent until after the Royal Rumble, which many insiders are rumbling amongst themselves suspecting he will win and challenge CM Punk for the title at WrestleMania. I can live with that. But what’s the point of the silence? What’s the point of embracing the fans when your intention is to go against them as a ruthless heel? Why not call out CM Punk NOW and enter the Rumble with an agenda? Perhaps even sway the outcome of Punk’s match with Ziggler, thus keeping everyone looking strong.

On this edition of RAW, I smelled a swerve a mile away. Jericho was thrown into the main event six man tag with his assumed Mania opponent [Punk], and I figured, here’s where it goes down. Punk reaches for the hot tag. Jericho enters like a house of fire, and instead of striking the opposing team, he nails Punk. But it didn’t happen. Jericho just walked out and abandoned his team. …Okay. Not bad. But still makes no sense. Did he not attack Punk because it would have taken the heat off Ziggler in the Rumble title match? Perhaps. Then again, Jericho’s presence could have made things more intriguing and backed Punk into a corner where he has a challenger in Ziggler who has defeated him numerous times on RAW, a guest referee in Laurinaitis who genuinely hates him, and now a stalker in Jericho with no rhyme or reason. The odds are stacked against the champion and now the PPV is actually worth $59.95.

Again, I hope I’m the one that’s wrong here. I REALLY hope that this was all Jericho’s idea and that there will be a HUGE payoff. But the problem remains that I’m bored to death and may end up tuning out before you have the chance to give up the big reveal. The creepy video promos had my attention, but you’ve lost it now. So just shut the hell up and wrestle already…oh wait…you have shut the hell up because you haven’t even said a word since you got back. Ugh, the agony of what YOU call pro wrestling.

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