MMA Expo Presents Bill Grant’s Bodybuilding, Fitness and Bikini Contest

There was a cluster of events at the MMA Expo, but one of the few standouts was the Bill Grant Classic Bodybuilding, Fitness and Bikini Contest. For those who don’t know, former WWE diva and TNA Knockout Jackie Haas won the female fitness and bodybuilding competition. That video will be posted here next week – so make sure you come back and check it out.

But it’s Friday! The start of the weekend! Why the hell would I want to show you a bunch of girls ripped like shredded wheat? Why would you want to see a bunch of dudes in speedos flexing their abs and biceps? Why the hell do you think that good ‘ol DH (DieHard, for you ja-brones who can’t put two and two together) would ruin your Friday festivities by gut wrenching you with some nasty chicks who are literally nothing but skin and bones….yeah, I said it!

So to start your Friday off right – here’s the express line to the thick and healthy Bikini Contest. Definitely some tasty material. You can thank me later!

This video is sponsored in part by Nassau County Rentals & Five Towns Real Estate

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