Rodney Mack Debut In NWA Cyberspace

I always loved seeing how wrestlers would debut in a new promotion. Especially when they are a known name, it’s always interesting to see how they’re arrival is handled because it normally determines the impact they have on the roster and in storylines.

So when I had the chance to work with Rodney Mack, he had just been released from the WWE. During his run, he was managed by Teddy Long and was doing a gimmick called “The White Boy Challenge”. I loved the concept and wanted to continue it in some fashion. So I made him a full blown racist. That was fun… and it came with a TON of stories that I’ll talk about at a later date and show off some videos that will make you say – “How the hell did you get away with that???”

Long story short, I wanted to add some attributes to his character that he didn’t have in the WWE. One was his finishing move. I wanted to go a little old school with this one, so I took a page out of Bad News Brown’s book and told Rodney that his new finisher was going to be a modified version of the Ghetto Blaster. The “gimmick” was that he had a loaded boot. So when you got blasted – you were carried out and off the next few shows with a concussion. I figure that would be a nice way to pose a threat to my top babyfaces and champions.

On the first day I got to work with Rodney, we didn’t have enough time to go over the actual maneuvering of the finisher. So we shot this promo with wannabe Rock lookalike, The Smoke. The result…??? Well, you’ll see for yourself!

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