Ruben Tejada no shows meet and Greet for the fans.

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Monday June 29th New York Mets  Ruben Tejada was supposed to be in the Fox and Hound signing autographs for the New York Mets faithful fans.  He did not show up or have the common decency to alert the promoters of the event that he was not coming.  One kid was upset because he wanted his cast signed and had to settle for a  another fan to sign it instead.









Here are the Facts

Ruben Tejada was contracted and paid in full and in advance of the signing.  He was supposed to sign autographs and take pictures with the fans on June 29 2015 starting at 7Pm.  A paid driver was sent to his location in Flushing NY and was there at 5pm for the 5:30 pickup as instructed by the agent.   At 5:45 Driver called saying Ruben was not down.  The promoters called his agent and was told he would be down in a minute.  Constant calls went on back and forth till approximately 6:45Pm when the agent told the promoters he was not coming. I then contacted the paid driver to return home as it was canceled.  The fans where all given refunds and the promoters even gave out free photos to the fans for there troubles.  In addition The Fox and Hound gave out a free Coupon also.  The Driver went in and spoke to the Doorman who informed him that he saw him about an hour ago and assumed he was still in the building.  The promoters tried to get a make up date but the agent could not come up with one and promised the situation would be dealt with and things would work itself out.  The next day the Agent said they would refund the appearance fee but he would do nothing to compensate for the advertising, driver, merchandise or embarrassment of the promoters having a no show.  The agent even went as far to say he would not sign not even one item to make up for this.

Do you think that a guy hitting 228 should treat his fans like this?

Never have I heard of this in all my years in the business!!

If anyone wants any of these unsigned photos they are available?

Picture 2620


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