The Big Event

The date for the next Big Event will be November 8  2014

Let us know who you want to see on our Facebook site.


104-04 Ditmars Boulevard
East Elmhurst, NY 11369



Show Admission $10

 The Icon Sting


big event foley










Big Event Presents the 3 Faces of Foley

 We will be selling a limited amount of tickets each ticket entitles you to 3 different photo ops with each of the 3 ring persona’s plus up to 3 autographs.

Schedule of Event

10:00 am Dude Love

11:00 am Mankind

12:00 pm Cactus Jack

There will be a numbering system and he will be in a separate room that you can only enter with your ticket. There is no need to stand on line as you can come back at any point during that segment to have your photo op should you miss your number. The 3 autographs are all to be done at the same time during a segment. Each ticket can bring in 1 other guest however there is only 1 Photo Op per ticket. The ticket price is $99

 Due to time constraints There may not be very many if any individual Photo Ops. If there is a Ring Persona that you do not want a photo OP with it can be used for an extra autograph.

Tickets can be purchased here



Vendor Guest

Mickie James, Lita, APA, Alber Del Rio, Curt Hawkins, Steiner Brothers, Aksana, Joey Styles, Scott Hall, Lex Luger, Tugboat, Shane Douglas, Mean Gene Okerlund, Gangrel, Ashley Massaro, Mr. Hughes, Ken Shamrock, Hill Billy Jim, Vader, Zach Gowen, Francine, Too Cool, Shane Douglas, Sunny, Brittany, AXL Rotten, Mark Lowrance, Bill Mercer and Ricardo Rodriguez

More information to follow







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