The Boogeyman Invades Seduttos Ice Cream

The phrase we all scream for ice Cream was never more appropriate than today at Sedutto’s Ice Cream Staten Island, NY. The Boogeyman Former WWE Star Marty Wright scared kids to the delight of there parents and friends. Almost everyone left with a huge smile on there face after seeing the Boogeyman. The Boogeyman came bearing gifts as he gave out plastic hearts while touching the heart of his fans. I was trying to control the line when several times I was run into by kids running for there lives. Marty was great and left everyone amazed at what a great guy he is. He asked all the kids to sign a autograph for him. I figured he was joking around but he was serious and was upset when he could not find the pile of autographs that I placed in a corner. He actually took them home and cares about his fans.
Here are some pictures and you can buy his autographed photo on the website

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