The Gamble With Doing An Outdoor Wrestling Event

I have to admit that while watching Wrestlemania 28, I was hoping to see a thunderstorm. Not that I get easily amused when a live program suffers from technical difficulties caused by the forces of nature, but how it would have forced the talent in the ring to adapt to their current situation. What would have happened if an unexpected element interfered with their match, that would throw them off the creative course with puzzled eyes as if someone had just asked them, “What is the best online poker site?

Pro wrestling matches have become so choreographed that it’s almost like watching a dance competition. Each move has been carefully planned, thought out and rehearsed. There’s no instinct. No room for improvisation. No psychology. The magic from the art is gone.

So when it was announced that Mania 28 had chosen an outdoor venue in Miami, Florida, I had small inner grin that if there was something to shake up the dance, it would be mother nature herself. What if tropical thunder storms hit the sky that night? A downpour of rain submerges the ring and the talent is lost, not knowing what to do. Even if fans left the building because they could no longer withstand the conditions – the show would go on. How can you reschedule Wrestlemania Sunday? It’s impossible. The same way you can’t reschedule Super Bowl Sunday. Nobody walks out there with the critical news saying, “Sorry boys. Too much rain. We’ll do it again next Sunday”. They’d look at you confused and in need of a useful poker guide to just to learn how to read the “tell” on your face. What do you tell the sponsors who paid millions to have their ad spot aired at a particular time and impending sales hinged on the broadcast debut? Afterall, Vince McMahon made sure the show stayed on the night that Owen Hart died live on the air.

I wonder if a rain shower would have confused the talent in the ring and their ability to effectively tell a story. Would have the show been botched and storylines reexplained the following night on RAW? Would creative nonchalantly ran the planned match with the blow off spots at the following PPV, Over The Limit?

Then again, this could have been a things of beauty. The rain used as a foreign object. The puddles offering a special visual effect with every body slam. The landscape would have been a cinematic vision like Obi Wan Kenobi battling Jango Fett in Attack of The Clones, or Mel Gibson fighting Jet Li in Lethal Weapon 4…or Neo battling all those Agent Smith’s in that terrible third Matrix movie nobody ever talks about. I’m sure you get the picture.

The concept of holding an outdoor event has always raised my ears in interest because I would curious to see what happens in a code red situation. Hopefully in my lifetime, that fantasy will come true.

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