The Mack Attacks A Whiteboy

Remember how I was telling you about working with Rodney Mack right after he was released from the WWE? Remember I told you about wanting to continue the gimmick he had going with the “Whiteboy Challenge”? Well, I didn’t exactly do the challenge, but I did let the mad dog off the chain. So guess what I found?… YEP! Some footage of Rodney Mack attacking a whiteboy!

This video is pretty funny, and features Devin Sturgis who plays a “white ghetto pimp”. His gimmick and look was awesome! Especially for what I had planned with Rodney. And since I’m such a filmmaker at heart – the director in me told me turn it up a notch and give mixed signals to get a better performance.

Mixed signals? What are you talking about ol’ grand master? Oh, let me explain….!!!

In Hollywood, there are some notorious directors who do some seriously crazy shit in order to get the performance out of their actors. For the most part, it’s considered method acting. In this case, it’s “Holy Sh!t! What the F*ck!”

The difference here is that the audience doesn’t necessarily blurt that out. Actually, the may just piss on themselves laughing. It;s the actors/performers who say it. See, I went to Devin and told hin the set up for the promo. He knew he was gonna approach Rodney and get shoved off after his interview request. Devin, the kind and gentle soul that he is, said, “No problem DieHard. You got it! That’s easy!” The conversation with Devin lasted 2 minutes.

Then I go to Rodney…and the story I have for him is a little different…but for motivational method purposes. This conversation was about 12 minutes. I said, “Ok Rodney, here’s what I want from you… This is a whiteboy who thinks he’s black. He’s mocking you and your people. Pimp clothes, gold chains, talking like he’s from the hood… I need you to straighten that shit out…. By the way, did I mention he was white??…. Anyway, I want you to be mad, insulted, enraged… I want you to feel like you just got out of prison and you wanna anally rape the first whiteboy you see… I already spoke to Devin. He knows what to expect. All good!… The clock is ticking. When I call action – just explode… By thay, he’s VERY white and making fun of black people. Not seriously… but like in an old school black-face way… and ACTION!”

Well… You’ll see what happens next!

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