The Worst Tony Atlas Interview You’ll Ever See…And His Foot Fetish

You must be scratching your head wondering why I would name this post, “The WORST Tony Atlas Interview You’ll Ever See”. Well, the answer is…because it simply is. For those who don’t know, the WWE Hall of Famer recently published and released his own book, Tony Atlas: Too Fast, Too Soon, which documents his entire career, personal life, battles with drugs, demons and fetishes, and his rise and fall both personally and professionally.

Now from what I understand, the book is a decent read. Have I personally read it yet? Absolutely not. You think I have time to sit around and read wrestlers complain about the business and how they were the best in their day but drugs and hookers cost them their career? Anyway, back to the point – Tony is a great guy and I’m sure that in these hard financial times, he has to do what anyone in his position has to do to survive (including selling a copy of the book to Jim Ross for twenty bucks…and from what I hear, Good Ol’ JR hasn’t read it either). But when video director (me) approaches you (Tony) to do an interview to discuss your career, the answer to the questions can’t all be a cheap plug for your book. Even worse – the answers have to be somewhat remotely close to the topic of the question I asked in the first place.

You think I’m ribbing you , huh? Well perhaps we should let the video speak for itself….But before I do – let me just clarify that in way does this mean that the video sucks. Trust me, if this video looked like it was created by a nutless monkey, I wouldn’t allow my name to be attached to it. I guess they call it the magic in editing. It’s amazing what you can do in post production to polish a turd.

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Ok, ok… So did you get a good enough laugh out of that one?….Well, there’s more!!!

See it’s common knowledge that Tony Atlas has a massive foot fetish. Now when I say massive, I don’t mean he likes big feet. I mean Tony has an extensive collection of photos and videos of feet and shoes. He also like women to walk on his face – yeah, I said it. He literally likes women of all shapes and sizes to literally stand on his face! Now I’ve heard of all sorts of kinky things and what some freaks like to do with feet, but I’m still a little confused as to how a man of Tony’s size gets his rocks off with women standing on his face. Wouldn’t it just be easier to get married? Then you can have a woman walk all over you and your pride all the time!

Here’s the proof in living color of Tony Atlas getting his face used as a step stool for some random woman at the MMA Expo in Atlantic City.

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