What’s The Point of a RAW Super Show?

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I’m getting tired of hearing promotions for a RAW supershow. What’s the point? EVERY week there are crossover brand promotions and inter-promotional matches, so the novelty of seeing a so-called “dream match” loses its value. As I’ve said for the last decade, in order for this brand splitting to work, the brands need to be worlds apart and never co-exist. Raw does their own thing and Smackdown does theirs. In essence, when Vince McMahon purchased WCW , he should have left it as WCW and handed the reigns over to his son Shane. Let your boy prove what he is capable of doing and let there be a healthy competitiveness within the family. At the end of the day, all of the profits will be pocketed by a McMahon anyway.

A supershow is only promoted because creative has run out of ideas and ratings are tanking. Not to mention that the secondary show [Smackdown] is so poorly booked, that they need a rub from the flagship. The biggest problem with WWE creative is that they book sitcom style with a shallow depth of week to week. None of them book for the bigger picture. Think I’m wrong? How many shows have you read that the scripts have been changed 6 times in a day and no one knew what their place was 20 minutes before going live on the air. It’s over calculation and micro managing by a bunch of inept non-wrestling fans who landed a gig writing for a product they once ridiculed. Bottomline, these super shows super SUCK!

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