Who Killed Brodus Clay?

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Don’t give me shit by assuming that I’m writing an obituary for George Murdoch, the man who portrays the character Brodus Clay on WWE program. The obit is actually for the character of Brodus Clay – who was brutally butchered, massacred and assassinated by the WWE creative team.

Brodus Clay was the first big guy with monster potential since the late Umaga. Clay had the size, the look, and the intensity to violently cripple his opponents and pose the biggest threat to the WWE championship.

For months, I praised Clay’s presence and potential, and virtually pleaded with the WWE not to drop the ball on this one as his promise had something that had not been seen in quite some time. WWE needed a new monster. A monster that haunted opponents much like the re-invented Kane is doing now. A monster cut from the cloth of legends such as King Kong Bundy, Bam Bam Bigelow, One Man Gang, Kamala , and Umaga. Week after week his debut was delayed. I figured with everything going on with stars like CM Punk, John Cena, The Rock, Ziggler, Ryder, Orton, Bryan, Henry, Big Show, etc., they didn’t want this new era beast to get lost in the shuffle. To me, it made perfect sense. Perhaps a debut was over hyped. Perhaps the idea was to frustrate him so much with delays that he would eventually unexpectedly run wild and destroy everything in sight. Then there were the cryptic Twitter messages regarding ending John Morrison’s WWE career…but still nothing.

Finally, the debut occurs and we get a illegitimate love child of The Godfather and Rikishi. WHAT THE FUCK???

Don’t get me wrong, the gimmick is great…but not for this guy. The gimmick is fun…but not for this guy. The gimmick is over with the fans like a fart in church…but not for this guy. Why not this guy? Because a guy like this doesn’t come off the WWE cookie cutter assembly line, like all the dreamers on NXT. Because a guy like this has a unique talent that shakes up the creative fold and builds monetary profit. A guy like this strikes fear in the hearts of the fans, as well as his opponents and brings reality back to the to what we already know is pre-determined. A guy like this can make the fans wonder, “Did he really hurt his opponent?…I think this guy is for real….There’s nothing funny about him…What would happen if our beloved champion got in the ring with him?… Forget the title, I’m more worried about his life!”

How long can this gimmick actually last? How much mileage can you expect to get out of a dancing hippo? At what point does he become a contender? At what point does he become a threat? When the music stops, the dancing ends and the showgirls disappear – what will he have left to offer?

This is where the WWE has FAILED. Even if they were to change the gimmick tomorrow – people will always remember the RUN DMC knockoff outfit and dance moves. They’ll always remember that this guy had a soft and loveable side, and they’ll patiently wait for him to return to that teddy bear style. WWE has RUINED the career of Brodus Clay.

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