WWE Kelly Kelly to turn Heel? That sucks

Kelly Kelly is being rumored as potentially turning “heel”. According to several reports., Kelly is one of many fans favorite Divas. Turning her heel is a bad move as far as I am concerned. Currently, Kelly is “fired” from WWE SmackDown and it’s unknown when she will make her return to WWE TV.

Kelly was fired due to her assistance in helping Edge maintain his World Heavyweight title. Vickie Guerrero fired Kelly after she foiled Vickie’s attempts to have her boyfriend Dolph Ziggler steal the world heavyweight title from Edge.

I don’t think she can pull it off. Kelly is way to nice as a person. But lets see what happens.

One possible way to turn her heel is to have her manage Drew McIntyre and Sheamus as a tag-team. Then have Kelly help these to cheat to win the world tag-team titles; preferably at a PPV.

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