WWE Script Writers Missing Boat on 4 Superstars

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Wade Barrett, R-Truth, Sheamus and The Miz….So much potential, so little effort.

Wade Barrett has the tools to be the next William Regal – but he has to stop talking about it and just do it already. Not only has creative tried force feeding his talent, but now it’s his gimmick to talk about how great he is. We all know how green you are and that you have the ability to be a top heel in the WWE as your career continues to grow with time and experience. But you’ve done NOTHING and accomplished NOTHING – so stop telling us what you can do and start showing us. I like the confidence but start backing it up.

The whole R-Truth thing is starting to get weird but not in a good way. The “Little Jimmies” bit has jumped the shark and I’m confused as to who the R-Truth target audience is. The strength in Truth is his high flying ability and his appeal to the urban demographic. And when I say urban – I don’t mean just the black people. I’m talking about anyone who appreciates hip hop music and culture. Truth can rhyme and dance with the best of them – so why did we stop him? Truth gets the people bouncing in their seats – so why did we replace that with psychopathic bug eyes? Believe it or not, but Truth was at his best when he was a contender and champion in TNA. But I suppose WWE creative doesn’t think there is anything they can learn from TNA history. R-Truth was one of the few things TNA got right and his championship reign was one of the most competitive in that companies history. The bottomline is that WWE needed a black star to appeal to the black audience without making the mistakes they made with Cryme Time. I’m not calling the WWE racist, but the only thing they saw in R-Truth was the color of his skin and not the quality of his work. Sure they know he’s a great athlete and can work with the best of them, but they never intended to take him serious. They have Mark Henry for that.

Sheamus has grown to become one of the WWE elite – not only in the ring but as a brand ambassador. I didn’t buy into the gimmick at first, and still have trouble with the GIMMICK as I don’t see a long shelf life with it. But he’s got the “IT” factor. He’s a big thick guy who can work snug and stiff. He has many old school qualities that will earn him respect from the opponents and have him earn a real “tough as nails” reputation. His stiff forearm shots remind me of Hall of Famer Greg “The Hammer” Valentine. And most of all, he can adjust himself to the style of ANYONE on the roster. Sheamus has “IT”, but needs to find a better way to keep it.

Finally, The Miz – arguably one of the unsung heroes of the entire WWE roster. His biggest enemy is himself, and not because he can’t hang with the big boys – but simply because he doesn’t look the part. You may hate The Miz, but you’re supposed to. You may hate that he held the WWE world title, but he did it as the perfect antagonist much like The Honky Tonk Man held the intercontinental title. But aside from how he is portrayed in the animated WWE Universe, – you may hate him, but he gives 200% every time he steps into the ring. The Miz has a passion for this business that you DON’T see in 90% of this roster. He knows he has to work harder than the rest to be accepted, and he does. He uses an old ancient formula called PSYHCOLOGY. Every move he delivers and every bump he sells is done with pure dignity in his work ethic. The next time you watch his match, don’t watch the character – watch the guy who plays him. Watch his facial expressions in his promos, read his eyes, see how he sells… He may not be a big boy in stature, but he’s a big boy at heart.

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